Winning Low Limit Hold’em

With “Winning Low Limit Hold’em” Lee Jones does an amazing job giving beginners solid foundations for becoming successful poker players. Some other titles might be a little fast for the beginning poker player, this book is much simpler. Jones’ thoughts are clearly expressed and he avoids in-depth strategy (partly because beginners might get confused, partly because advanced strategy isn’t very useful in low-limit games).

Jones starts out by covering the fundamentals of the game such as rules, odds, pot odds, implied odds, reading the board and a typical low-limit game. He then moves onto strategy, covering topics such as playing pre-flop in early position, trash hands, deception, flopping a pair, flopping trips, flopping a draw, missing the flop and much more. He concludes both sections with quizzes. Jones then touches on various miscellaneous poker topics including player stereotypes, implicit collusion, computers, tournaments, rake, bankrolls, discipline, public cardrooms and bluffing.

Jones has written what may be the best low limit hold’em book ever. Using these concepts a player will win any low limit game consistently. I highly recommend “Winning Low Limit Hold’em” as a first poker book, but it belongs in every poker player’s library to serve as a reference for fundamentals.

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