Professional Poker: Playing For a Living

Have you ever dreamed of playing poker for a living? Do you wonder if you have what it takes to survive and prosper as a professional poker player?

Mark Blade covers the modern poker player’s dream in his book, “Professional Poker: The Essential Guide to Playing For a Living”. After getting a degree at UCLA and a Masters at USC, Blade became very successful in his chosen career. What made him different was his chosen career is that of an on-line poker player.

In his book Blade tells readers exactly what it takes to become a professional poker player. He also tells readers that if you don’t have what it takes then don’t even bother trying. Blade defines many questions that must be answered honestly for a player to evaluate his/her chance of playing professionally.

He covers all playing skills extensively, but the most valuable information is his discussion of managing your bankroll, establishing work hours, playing in ring games vs. tourneys, travelling to tournaments and card rooms, maintaining emotional control, paying taxes, and playing online poker.

Effectively managing these skills is what makes the difference when playing poker full-time. Blade covers these topics extensively making this book a must read for any player thinking about making the leap to play poker professionally. It is obvious that he has thought through the issues in depth and he does a masterful job of putting the question “Should I turn pro?” into perspective.

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