Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book

Phil Gordon has developed a reputation for being a poker teacher much more than a poker student. He’s been successful in the biggest tournament and cash games in the world and he breaks down his tournament play thoughts in his book, “Phil Gordon’s Little Green Book”. Heralded as an instant poker classic, the “Little Green Book” can improve any player’s games.

Gordon’s approach for this book is great. His ideas are very in-depth, yet understandable. Gordon discusses topics more thoroughly than most authors, even discussing unique concepts such as an appropriate ratio between steal (weak hand) raises and real (strong hand) raises. His analysis of specific situations gives players more confidence in their future decisions. Not only does Gordon explore the mathematical side of poker with his hand charts and blind charts, but he also discusses psychology ad philosophy of poker.

It seems as if Gordon has left no poker stone unturned, cut no corners and did not sugarcoat anything. He has written one of the most thorough no-limit tournament books ever. “Anyone can become a winning player with the right amount of courage, patience, aggression, observation and dedication…” this quote is straight out of the book. Gordon lays out what it takes to become successful and then delivers the tools to achieve that success. This book is a MUST READ for any tournament player.

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