Mike Caro’s Book of Tells

Mike Caro discusses various types of tells and how to exploit/avoid them in what just might be the most influential poker psychology book ever.

In his book, “Book of Tells”, Mike Caro explains to readers that after solid fundamentals and strategies are established, poker becomes a game of psychology. Readers can find strategy on expert play in one of numerous titles written by Caro, but this title specializes in only the psychology of the game. He is undoubtedly the number one authority on the subject and he had been writing about poker for over 20 years.

For the benefit of novice players, “Tells” are signs that players give off during live play that give away the strength of a their hand. “Reads” are recognition of these tells. The book covers tells from two categories” those from players that are unaware and those from actors.

Caro also explores numerous theories related to tells and mental aspects of the game. This becomes a very powerful weapon for tournament or live play. When a player feels confident in his/her reads of tells he/she may be able to steal pots without the best hand or get out of pots cheaply. Reads also make putting opponents on certain hands a bit easier.

Any player can benefit from this book, but for those who play a considerable amount of live poker this book will prove to be invaluable over and over again.

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