Hold’em Poker

“Hold’em Poker” was originally published in 1976 and was the first book to cover fixed limit hold’em. It has since been republished and updated with David Sklansky’s most recent hand rankings. This was the first book ‘Sklansky’s Hand Rankings’ first appeared, giving players a more solid foundation to start with. In fact, this was the first work ever published by Sklansky, who has since established himself as one of the most read poker writers today. This title covers everything a beginner needs and even some more advanced concepts.

Players can expect to play at a table, after reading this book, comfortable with how the game is played, ‘hole’cards, evaluating ‘flops’, pre-‘flop’ strategy, semi-bluffing, importance of position, the free card, reading hands, slowplaying, check-raising and playing heads-up on fifth street. Sklansky expects readers to have zero knowledge of the game and he leaves them armed with tools for profitable, solid play. This book is highly recommended for anybody looking to get started playing hold’em, any player with experience can benefit from this book’s more advanced thoughts and strategies.

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