Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 2

Dan Harrington again gives readers invaluable tournament advice in his book, “Harrington On Hold’em: Volume 2”. Harrington”s tournament resume is extensive and his first book was widely recognized for its influence. This volume covers some of the same concept as vol. 1, but more in-depth.

In this book Dan Harrington focuses on tournament play in the late stages where strategies change and play is consistently more complex. Bluffs are a much bigger part of the game in these stages explaining why they are discussed so thoroughly in this volume.

Dan Harrington believes that a player”s strategy should change with fluctuations in stack size/position for optimizing play. There are sections on heads-up and short-handed play, sections that are clearly expressed using examples of all types of situations and optimal plays.

As expected, Dan Harrington delivers ideas that have been unbelievably thought-out and easily understood. Combining knowledge from Vol. 1 with Vol. 2 gives players a clear approach to NL tournament play. This is a highly recommended read for serious tournament players.

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