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As mentioned before, one of the biggest steps in becoming a successful online poker player is to purchase Poker Tracker. For a one time fee of $55 dollars, Poker Tracker will keep stats for every online poker hand you’ve ever played, as well as every hand from every opponent you’ve ever played! I don’t know one successful online player who doesn’t use Poker Tracker or another similar statistics program.

While there are no perfect playing statistics, there are certain statistics that are common among most winning players. Remember to play your own style and use these numbers as a general guide.

VPIP: This is the percentage of times you voluntarily put $ in a pot. Outside of the blinds, you should be playing around 13-15% of hands at a full ring table, so including the blinds this number should be 15-20%. Most new players will be over 20% (a major leak), and a lot of semi-experienced players will be way too tight at 10% (another serious leak).

PFR: This is your Pre-Flop Raise %. This number will usually be around 7-10 depending on table conditions. Keeping it around half your VPIP is the general rule of thumb

Saw flop all hands: This number includes free checks from the BB, so it will be around 5% higher than your VPIP.

Attempt to Steal: This is a number that heavily depends on the limits you are playing. At lower limits, where rake is a huge factor and people are loose, you should generally not steal as much (around 30%). At higher limits, however, this number should be approaching 40%. Stealing blinds should be a major part of your game, but make sure you are smart about picking the right situations.

WSF: Won $ When Saw Flop. This stat really depends how many people you are playing against, but in a full ring game it should be around 28-32. If you are consistently above or below that area you may have a big leak in your game

These are the most commonly used player stats. Play your game, but check your statistics regularly to make sure you are on the right track.

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