Small Stakes Hold’em

“Small Stakes Hold’em: Winning Big With Expert Play” we only released in the last couple of years but it has quickly become a staple in any serious poker player’s library.

Ed Miller began his poker career playing $1-$2 and $2-$4 hold’em online. He turned his initial losses into winnings by reading and posting on the Two Plus Two forums online. Miller became familiar with David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth through Two Plus Two and a relationship was formed; shortly after the three collaborated to write this limit title.

In “Small Stakes Hold’em”, Miller, Sklansky and Malmuth share their thoughts on the concept of implied odds, determining pot equity, how to play speculative hands, impact of position, the value of being suited, the different hand categories, how to count outs, techniques for evaluating the flop, playing large vs. small pots, key concepts in hand protection, techniques of betting for value and playing overcards.

When readers have finished material they can test their knowledge of the concepts with over fifty hand quizzes. Thoughts and concepts in this book are thoroughly expressed with numerous hand examples and strategic reasons.

The book is geared towards those with knowledge of basic hold’em strategy. The concepts explained in this book are only appropriate for certain types of games, so players with little experience may not be able to identify when this kind of play is profitable. In a tight/aggressive game the big pot strategies in the book are going lose a lot of big bets, but in the loose/passive games that are so common today these strategies are going to win more than their fair share of the time.

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