Switching Gears – Ring Games vs. Poker Tournaments

The best way to learn poker is to simply play poker. Got a few buddies that like to play poker? Organize a weekly poker tournament. No one around to get a game going? There are plenty of online poker outlets, and a quick Internet search will get you started. Still want more? Then consider a poker school, where you’ll find everything you need to learn poker. But at the end of the day, the number one way to learn poker is to play poker.

It should not be difficult to find a few people in your neighborhood that would love to join a weekly poker game. Perhaps a community poker group has already formed, and it needs an extra person. Check community websites like Craigslist to see if you can join an already existing poker tournament. If nothing is available in your area, think about starting your own poker group. You shouldn’t have trouble creating your own weekly poker group or even putting together a one-time poker tournament in your neighborhood. Playing a live game is arguably the best way to learn poker.

If you find yourself itching to play poker, but there’s no one around to start a poker tournament, try firing up your computer and playing online. Online poker games and poker tournaments are extremely enjoyable and very easy to find. Simply search “online poker” in your Internet browser search field, and you will likely find countless websites dedicated to poker and poker tournaments. In this case, the best way to learn poker is to start by playing the free sites. Once you build your poker-playing confidence, try the destinations with actual stakes and real money wagering. You will notice there might be more people logged into these sites because the risks can be minimal and the rewards great. After only a short time of playing with actual wagers, you will have found you’ve not only learned poker, but you may even be a winner.

If need be, take a look at any poker school on the internet. Many websites offer free online poker tutorials. Simply log in to the site, and you’re on your way. You may find yourself in an online poker tournament with other eager poker players with similar skill levels as you. These poker tournaments are fun and exciting, and they are provided to you with no real risk. There is easily no better way to learn poker than by playing poker.

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