Play Money Games

The play money games are a great place to learn how to play poker. There is always a good variety of games from which to choose. Play money games provide an excellent opportunity for the novice player to learn in a risk free environment.

Play money tables also provide an opportunity for the more experienced player to try out new games. If you are experienced at Hold’em but want to learn Seven Card Stud, utilizing the play money tables is your best option. Since these games run around the clock, anyone can chose the time they would like to play. Also, some of the major poker sites such as Party Poker offer play money freerolls with real cash prizes.

While the play money games provide an excellent starting point for the novice player, the risk free environment also promotes sloppy play and careless decisions. If you feel you are ready to graduate into the world of real money, we suggest you start small to get used to the monetary swings and differences in overall play.

Please check out our Bankroll Guidelines for more information.

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