Online Poker Chat

One neat feature about online poker rooms is the ability to use the chat box to communicate with your opponents. One of the best reasons to play live is being able to talk to others at the table, and by utilizing the chat feature one can feel more connected to the people against whom they are playing. The chat box comes in handy if you want to say “nice hand” to your opponent, comment on a previous hand, or show off your humorous personality by adding a witty remark.

Many players, unfortunately, see the chat feature and instantly think they should start berating their opponents. Please use proper etiquette when talking to your opponents, as it will keep the game fun and profitable for everyone involved. DON’T berate bad players through the chat box. DON’T type in sarcastic remarks aimed towards poor players. And DON’T use obscene or foul language when talking with others.

Remember, the chat box gives you the opportunity to communicate with people who live anywhere in the world, but don’t abuse this privilege.

Some common poker abbreviations are:

nh” Nice Hand
ty” Thank You
lol” Laugh Out Loud
HU” Heads Up
TP” Top Pair

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