Making A Deposit

Now that you’re ready to get your feet wet in the world of real money tables, it’s time to make your initial deposit. The first step is to read our section titled Online Poker Bonuses to find out about current deposit bonuses. The second step is to check out the specific deposit options given by each individual poker site. The most popular deposit options are:

Credit Card – Perhaps the easiest way to make the initial deposit, the credit card options offers fast response time and instant funding of your account. While some major banks do not allow deposits for online gaming, many credit cards are still accepted.

Neteller – This is the most popular option for experienced online players. Neteller acts as an electronic wallet that provides an instant transfer of funds from your bank, credit card, or other Neteller members. There is no fee to withdraw money from Neteller, but it does charge up to a 7.9% fee for instant credit card deposits. Neteller handles millions of dollars in transactions per day and is fast, secure, and boasts excellent customer support. Please visit for further details.

Directly With A Bank Account – Even through this is the slowest method to deposit, many people feel it is the safest. By directly linking your bank account to a poker site, you can make free deposits and withdraws while eliminating the “middle man”. Typical deposit time is up to 5 business days, and it usually takes up to 7 business days to complete a withdraw

Other Deposit Options – If you’re not comfortable using the above deposit methods, the online poker sites will often offer other methods to fund your account. Other options include Western Union, Cashier’s Check Money Order, or Epassporte. Please check the deposit options webpage of your preferred poker site for more options.

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