Internet Texas Hold’em

Matt Hilger started playing poker professionally online in 2001; he won over $100,000 that year and hasn’t slowed down. He has become a successful live tournament player as well and can usually be found playing middle-limits hold’em online. Hilger published his book “Internet Texas Hold’em: Winning Strategies from an Internet Pro” in 2003.

The book has received mixed reviews. All reviews claim that the book provided sound strategic advice, great for a beginning player, however advanced players complain about not enough internet content. Readers argue that the book lacks what most readers buy it for, great insight and strategies that are online poker specific. Many players are trying to live the dream of playing poker online full-time, so books covering the subject are being bought in hopes of achieving that dream. Readers must understand Hilger’s book doesn’t lack in content overall, but it lacks where readers expect the most out of it.

For anybody looking to add a good hold’em strategy title to their library this book is great, but readers looking for a title dominated by online specific strategy might be disappointed.

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