Getting Started On Hold’em

Ed Miller went from playing poker for a hobby to a profession in less than 18 months. In his book, “Getting Started in Hold’em”, Miller discusses strategies and concepts that will give any reader a solid foundation doing the same. The book explores principles that are currently being used by poker professionals. Preflop hand valuation, denomination, betting for value, hand protection, semi-bluffs, pot equity, pot odds, implied odds, free cards, stack size importance, tournament play are just a few of the topics in this book.

Miller’s section on limit hold’em makes it obvious why he is such a successful limit player, however his NL section is lacking. Where he goes in-depth into strategic concepts and post-flop play in limit, he does not in NL. For advanced players this title will prove useful only for those who play strictly limit, advanced NL players will probably not find much useful content. Miller follows this title up with numerous books teaching more advanced concepts, so for any new player hungry for hold’em knowledge this is the perfect place to start.

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