Ace On The River

“Ace On the River: an Advanced Poker Guide” is a unique and different book, much like a poker survival guide where readers get a peek inside the life of poker pro Barry Greenstein. Greenstein is no doubt one of the best poker players in the world, but a poker pros life isn’t always glitz and glamour.

Barry Greenstein literally plays daily in the biggest regularly spread poker game in the world and against several Poker Hall Of Fame players. This book was originally intended to be included as a chapter in the new edition of Doyle Brunson’s ‘Super System,’ but the project turned into its own book after it reached 100 pages.

In his book Greenstein discusses aspects of poker that haven’t been touched on before. Chapters cover prioritizing family, sports betting leaks, drugs, cheating, integrity, poker and sexuality, money management and handling swings even discussing his own misfortunes of losing over $1.5 million to Ted Forrest in a month. Greenstein makes readers ask themselves if they have the characteristics to be a successful poker player; those characteristics being skills of poker that have nothing to do with probabilities, odds or any poker strategy.

Greenstein doesn’t leave readers without solid strategic advice for advanced play. He breaks down concepts for advanced play clearly in the last section of his book. These strategies will prove to be very valuable if grasped clearly and thoroughly executed, however readers can get much more than just solid play out of this book. They can take concepts from this book and thoroughly evaluate their chances of weathering the rocky road of poker players. A

“Ace On The River: an Advanced Poker Guide” is a must read not only for strategic content, but for the

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